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Lazarus, or, the curse of being The Boy Who Lived

The most unrealistic part of the Harry Potter books was Ron and Hermione. Your friends finally warned you.  If you don’t stop, we can’t be friends. They say that we fear abandonment and loneliness among all social terrors.  Whoever they … Continue reading

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Learned helplessness: why your new abuser wants you to remain a permanent victim

I don’t get personal on this blog, but this one hits close to home. Your parents hit you.  Maybe they called it “spanking.”  Your dad essentially forced you into a house-wife or else mindset.  Your mom punished you by making … Continue reading

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How to know it’s definitely not even close to being love, episode 1.

There are many different love songs—the classic, beta-male love song crooned by an obvious alpha male (everything Justin Timberlake; the contradiction works wonders), the burned by love but still longing song (the Scorpions “No One Like You,”), the femme-power boy-stealing … Continue reading

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