I’m a former galley slave turned chariot racer.

These days we live not in socialism but feudalism, and I’m doing my best to avoid indentured servitude.  Every day I get the feeling that people need the Matrix more than it needs them.

Read something familiar on this blog?  I’m quite fond of inserting occasional small homages to favorite truth-tellers.  They include: The Last Psychiatrist, Louis CK, Chuck Palahniuk, Christopher Lasch, Motley Crue, Orson Scott Card, Mike Judge, Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, Eminem, Johnny Cash, and pre-South-Africa Dave Chappelle.

Yes, this blog is meant to deliberately push certain buttons and is written in a tone/style to do exactly that.  Of course I don’t sound/act like this in real life.  If you deeply love your own narcissism, you will hate me and this blog with psychotic passion.


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