Mixed metaphors: you were victimized; now we need to sell you a lot of stuff

Yes, I know this post is too short, but this money quote from The Last Psychiatrist is worth your spending another 10 seconds avoiding your job today.  I know it purports to be about post postmodern “feminism,” but it’s really about selling things.

Sites like Jezebel and Feministing are much, much worse than pornography, every article they write sets women back a week, do the math, they do such a disservice to women because they take their narcissism and repackage it as gender issues, and you’re locked into it…. My point isn’t that women don’t have legitimate gripes with the system, or that there isn’t sexism still around, my point is that most of what you think is “feminism” is really a work, a gimmick, a marketing scheme. It is straight up consumerism, repackaged as a gender issue.

Exactly.  And the only reason to dupe women is because (at this point in time) they are the nation’s most reliable and free-spending consumer group.  To sum up:  rich white men are still in control and they just sharpened their marketing pitch.  Remember Playboy’s Hugh Hefner and his vociferous support of feminist causes?  You know that wasn’t to benefit women as a gender, right?


About Timber St. James

I used to be a galley slave, but now I race chariots.
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